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110810 Laser tube cutting at the heart of an innovative business

Copyright of Paul Lake, BLM Group
Copyright of Paul Lake, BLM Group
Copyright of Paul Lake, BLM Group

In an area of 120,000 m2 half of which is taken up by buildings located near Fiorano in the lowlands of Modena is the main facility of Gruppo System, which also has production facilities in Spain, China and USA. The Group is divided into three divisions: Ceramics, which deals with decorating and automation of ceramic products; Logistics, dedicated to automatic handling systems in various industrial environments and Electronics, which creates control and integration systems for industrial production. The three divisions are characterised by one common denominator: the spirit of innovation.

Mr. Stefani, President of Gruppo System, is a person with much enthusiasm who has followed his passions and turned them into a company of surprising dimensions. With his innovative ideas and just a small loan, he started to create a business that now has a total turnover of almost €280 M and a headcount of 800 employees, half of which are based in Italy. The current company was set up back in 1970 and the first system to be purchased was not a machine tool but an automatic storage system and this was already a sample of the ideas that would have later given life to the “business”; a business that started off by outsourcing in an industrious and dynamic environment in the plains of Modena where there was far from a shortage of craftsmen to outsource the initial ideas and what others could not do was done in-house.

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Copyright of Paul Lake, BLM Group
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