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Design for Laser Manufacture Search facility

The primary purpose of the Design for Laser Manufacture sub web is to encourage designers to ‘think laser’ and to produce product specifications that are optimised for laser-based fabrication; this will be done by providing examples and supporting information in the form of pictures (of laser-manufactured parts), video clips, slide presentations and information sheets.

Searching for Material

Use the search bar at the top of the page to see what lasers can do for you.  Select any of the drop down menus to search by Process type (e.g. cutting, welding, marking, microprocessing, etc), Industrial sector (e.g. general industrial, transport, security, decoration, etc), and Material (e.g. metal, ceramics, glasses, etc).

You can perform multiple selections on any or all of the categories: Process type, Industrial sector and Material to narrow your search or even type your own text in the Text search box on the right. This will significantly limit the pictures and documents that are returned for you to browse.

Submitting Your Own Material

If you are interested in offering pictures, video clips, slide presentations and information sheets for display on the site, then follow the Submitting Your Material link.

Please note: only provide material you are happy to be put in the public domain.

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The AILU office staff will help you place your advertising, press releases, technical articles and application stories to gain optimum exposure in the community, of laser users and suppliers of lasers and laser-related technology in manufacturing, which we serve in the UK and worldwide.

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