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090826 Investment to eliminate variable costs

Copyright of ©2009 AILU
Copyright of ©2009 AILU
Copyright of ©2009 AILU

Metal Processes (1959) Limited, one of the UK’s first flat bed laser cutting  subcontractors, recently placed two separate orders for Bystronic laser cutting systems, a ByVention and a BySpeed.

Metal Processes chairman and director John Hayward commented: “With laser technological advances improving each year, companies have to follow laser specialists trends and invest in order to expand and provide their customers with the best service possible from the best machines available.”

When it came to updating a laser cutting machine Mr Hayward analysed 12 months of incoming orders received by Metal Processes and concluded that 59% fell into a footprint of 700 mm x 1500 mm. Not only this, due to space restrictions, a new laser had to be able to occupy the space left by its predecessor. The new machine had to handle a large amount of work but have a small footprint.




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Copyright of ©2009 AILU
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