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100216 Nanosecond fibre lasers - versatile manufacturing tools

Copyright of ©2010 AILU
Copyright of ©2010 AILU
Copyright of ©2010 AILU

Fibre laser offer users a compact, low cost, reliable and highly efficient source with no maintenance requirement delivering a low total cost of ownership and, after process optimisation, a fit and forget solution. The latest generation of nanosecond pulsed fibre lasers offer a range of pulse options and are available with tailored beam quality giving users great scope for process enhancement. Recent increases in peak powers and pulse energies are opening up new applications in micro-machining.

In addition to marking and micromachining these lasers can be used for fine metallic cutting, low heat input soldering and even micro welding. No longer limited to marking applications, nanosecond fibre lasers have become versatile micro-machining tools capable of performing multiple operations. Whatever your micro-machining or marking application, fibre lasers are seriously worth considering.

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Copyright of ©2010 AILU
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