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090826 Laser spot welding quadruples production

Copyright of ©2009 AILU
Copyright of ©2009 AILU
Copyright of ©2009 AILU

Fantini Cosmi is a well established media company in Italy. Its extensive portfolio includes a range of pressure regulators for liquid and inert gas, suitable for steam boilers, dyeing machines, irrigation and more. The pressure switches involve a membrane in contact with the fluid, in a stainless steel housing. To improve the welding production process the company chose to invest in laser technology, with a SL120 Nd: YAG laser system from Sisma.

"Until 2007 we used conventional spot welding. It was a technology that was and would have been more than sufficient to support normal production requirements over the year, but that in periods when demand was higher, it could become problematic and insufficient for satisfy demand," said Gaetano Tavani, who is responsible for the Fantini Cosmi pressure switch range. "One option would have been to establish a warehouse but this would require heavy investments. Many products are seasonal and our network is not always able to plan in advance. We decided instead on a laser welding system.




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