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081001 Added flexibility and major cost savings for Mec-a-Tec

Copyright of ©2008 AILU
Copyright of ©2008 AILU
Copyright of ©2008 AILU

When orders for its specialist conveyor systems went up by 100% in a year,

Wisbech-based Mec-a-Tec Services found that it was subcontracting out more and more laser profiling. By investing in an LVD Orion 3015 Plus 4 kW laser cutting machine it not only brought control over the work back in house, it also achieved an almost immediate payback

on its investment.

Mec-a-Tec is the only UK company to manufacture and supply a complete range of bespoke conveying equipment for beer and beverage can-making and filling plants – with around 70% of its production being exported to all parts of the world.

Like all of the can-making industry, the company went through a lean time in the late 1990s as supermarkets switched away from cans to other packaging methods. In the past three or four years though, demand has accelerated rapidly as market sentiment has changed and new markets have opened up in Eastern Europe and Asia. The company now has a full order book and is one of the most active suppliers to the two-piece can-making sector. Thousands of different components go into each job and, as every line is tailormade, the elements each line have to be designed and manufactured for that specific project.



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Copyright of ©2008 AILU
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