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081001 Lasers bear fruit for Cherry Corporation

Copyright of ©2008 AILU
Copyright of ©2008 AILU
Copyright of ©2008 AILU

Since the company’s incorporation by Walter L. Cherry in 1953, Cherry Electrical Corporation has grown to become a household name around the world for its range of innovative electrical products.

Cherry’s European production began in 1964 in Auerbach, Germany. Today, the plant has 1,400 employees involved in the development and production of micro-switches, keyboards, components for the automobile industry, and  controls for household appliances. Subsidiaries in Germany the Czech Republic, employ a further 700 personnel.

The success of the company can also be measured by a number of accolades awarded to the organisation in Auerbach. These include: Automotive Lean Production Award 2006, Best European Factory 2005. A key to this success lies in the company’s philosophy to embrace new technology wherever possible. This can be demonstrated most effectively in the development of new manufacturing methods; for example, in the early use of laser technology.



Copyright of ©2008 AILU
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