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070401 High contrast marking on metal with minimal debris

Copyright of ©2007 AILU
Copyright of ©2007 AILU
Copyright of ©2007 AILU

Most laser marking techniques involve either engraving the mark into metal or plastic components, or ablating a surface layer to reveal a contrasting material underneath. Both processes usually require high energy pulsed laser systems and of course involve process debris. Control Micro Systems, Inc. of Winter Park, FL, USA, instead uses a modulated CW fibre laser to generate high contrast marks on metal bearing housings with minimal debris, thereby preventing contamination of bearing surfaces.

Control Micro Systems specializes in the engineering and manufacture of customized turnkey industrial laser systems, principally for marking, engraving and etching, but also for welding and cutting metallic and nonmetallic materials. CMS uses a selection of pulsed or CW/modulated solid-state Nd:YAG & Nd:YVO4 lasers, as well as CO2 lasers for these diverse tasks - each laser type and its associated wavelength has advantages for particular applications.

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Copyright of ©2007 AILU
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